About Us

About The Hula Hut

The Hula Hut was founded in Grand Beach, Manitoba and has now extended to Winnipeg! We started out by selling everything from swimsuits, footwear, beachwear, and everything you'll need for a day full of fun in the sun. Now, we've added year-round clothing for both men and woman, bags, jewelry, accessories, and most recently, the most stylish masks for keeping safe during the pande

"Hanging out with older, half-naked European women gives you a different perspective on bodies."

Since I was young, I always wondered why people could not just simply be more confident in swim wear. Bodies, in all their shapes and sizes, are beautiful. I came by this attitude naturally. My mom, a beach-loving European, had me later in her life, and so in my early years, without much choice in the matter, I found myself hanging out in saunas with half-naked, older women.

The cliché European liberal attitude toward bodies, was all I ever knew. Every body is unique and swimwear, chosen right, should leave a person inspired and feeling free. Helping people with this choice, was the inspiration for the Hula Hut.

Fun. Hip. Sexy. Simple. Beautiful. Unconventional. Unique.  Whatever your personal style and level of confidence, we will find the right look. I want to inspire everyone to find a swim suit that will easily become their favourite. 


I am looking forward to meeting you! 

Pat Lewyc

Owner / Proud Manitoban / Swimsuit Lover