Plus Size, Mid Size, Curvy Woman - What's the right sizing terminology when swimsuit shopping?

Like over 90% of women out there you're probably not a perfect size 6 (or less). So, when you go swimsuit shopping in a store, or to do some research online, what's the 'right' terminology and what sizes are included? 

More traditional clothing and swimwear stores have used the term, Plus Sizes. Depending on the store this references sizes in a large range starting at size 12 or 14 and up from there, or sizes medium to 4XL.

The terms curvy women or curvy figures are newer terms targeting the same body composition and with similar wide range of sizing categories.

More recently the term, mid-sized swimwear has come on the scene to seemingly ease the reference of 'large or plus' sized. 

Frankly, the terminology doesn't really matter all that much. You can request and/or search on any of these terms as well as things like, big busted, full coverage, structured, mid rise, tummy toner, etc. and if the swimwear store carries swimwear for all body types they will know exactly what you mean and be able to direct you to the suits best suited for you!