8 Tips to Reduce the Stress of Shopping for Swimwear

Shopping for swimwear can be more stressful than public speaking according to some swimwear shoppers. So, a little advance preparation can significantly reduce that stress and increase the likelihood of a good shopping experience, AND the successful purchase of your new favorite swimsuit!

  1. First and foremost - Choose a store where you feel comfortable. The location may be super convenient and the style is exactly what you’re after, but if the owner or sales people make you feel pressured or awkward as you browse, or if the other customers are intimidating, you won’t have a pleasant experience and the chances you’ll end up with your perfect swimwear is unlikely.  
  2. Timing is everything. Swimwear shopping is not usually a favorite activity so plan ahead and avoid busy shopping times. Usually, weekdays are better than weekends and mornings are better than afternoons. It’s also nice to go at quieter times because sales associates will be available to help you if that’s something you want.
  3. Set the Stage. Be prepared and set the stage for swimsuit shopping success by bringing the right footwear and accessories. Grab the shoes you’re most likely to wear with the swimsuit you’re shopping for. Is it for the beach, bring flip flops. Will you be hanging by the pool, maybe grab the sandals from your closet that have that touch of bling. There’s nothing worse that shopping for any kind of clothing and not having the right accessories. That includes shoes, cover-up, beach bag, or even your favorite beach towel. Set the perfect stage for your shopping experience.
  4. Wear a thong. Or other ‘skimpy underwear’ because it’s standard practice for hygiene reasons to require that you wear underwear when trying on swimwear. You want to get the best effect possible when you’re assessing a swimsuit and that’s hard to do when your underwear is showing under the suit.
  5. Get a base tan or faux tan. If you’re looking to get the full experience, already having a tan or getting a fake tan before you go shopping will help you visualize the new suit even better. There’s nothing more shocking than looking at yourself in a full-length mirror with all that pale flesh exposed.
  6. Bring a friend. Having the second opinion of a trusted friend who will be honest with you can be the make-it or break-it factor with swimsuit shopping. Don’t bring the friend that agrees with everything you say and do. Bring that friend who’s not afraid of telling it like it is!
  7. Size is matters. And that is the absolute truth when trying on and buying swimwear. Depending on the brand you may need to size-up or maybe even down. So if you’re a size 10, bring an 8 and a 12 to the dressing room to account for manufacturers definitions of sizes. They can vary considerably sometimes and you don’t want to be caught naked in the changeroom looking into the mirror with a suit that’s too big or two small and have to go through the process of requesting a different size or getting dressed and scouring the sales floor for a size that fits.
  8. Shave your legs and underarms. Unless that’s not part of your usual practice. No judgement here!

And that’s all we got to say about that - Shop on ladies and gents!